Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Sometimes my head is full of stories, generally starting with the question "what if...?"

"What if that pretty girl over there with the nice coat was actually a spy?"

"What if the man over there, overflowing with laughter, was actually dying inside, his soul shrivelled and disintegrating like wet paper?"

These have a tendancy to take over my mind, and I will end up drifting off, not listening to anything people say to me. This is obviously not a good thing.

So I've decided to start this blog. I have a modest (but growing) collection of vintage clothing, and I am continually fascinated by its original owners and their lives. I don't know who any of these people were, and this blog will be a space for me to tell what could have been the stories of their lives. And hopefully also a place to pin down the stories inside my head in the manner of butterflies to a page, in order to stop them cluttering up my head any longer.


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